Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cat (A clowder or clutter)

Cats are born with blue eyes. They change at approximately 12 weeks of age.
Sometimes your cat will find it difficult to find the treats you throw him on the floor. The reason is because cats can't see directly under their own nose.
Cats can jump between 5 & 7 times as high as their tail.
Ailurophobia: the hate or fear of cats
80% of all cats, big and small, have the same reaction to catnip, due to their feline genes. Cats that are younger than 6 months and tigers however, do not react to catnip.
A cat uses it's whiskers to tell if the space they are contemplating entering is big enough for them.
Cats not only walk on their toes but they have 5 toes on their front paws and 4 toes on the their back paws.
Killing a cat was punishable by death in acient Egypt.
Just like fingerprints on humans, the nose pad of cats is rigid in a pattern that is completely unique.
Sir Isaac Newton is credited for inventing the cat door.
Start a garden inside your home. Cats love to eat grass, parsley, catnip, and sage. However, consult your Vet before planting a garden for your cat to eat. Many plants are harmful or even fatal to cats.
Pet owners live longer, happier lives with less stress and less heart attacks.
Cats prefer their food at room temperature.
Don't put your cat's collar on too tight. Make sure you can slip 2 fingers between the collar and the cat.

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